What international shipping courier does RIPT use?

For all shipments outside of the United States. We use a DHL Global Mail.

DHL Global Mail is much like the United States Postal Service when it comes to shipping international packages. Here is a brief summary of the journey your shipment embarks upon:

After your item is printed, your shipment is picked up and sent to the Midwest DHL Global Mail center. Once your order arrives, a team of shipping experts sort and organize your order by country. Once your parcel is sorted and scanned, they fly your package directly to the country where you live. 

Once the shipment arrives to your country, the parcel is then transferred through customs into your countries local Postal System.  Once the shipment arrives in your country, it is up to the local delivery system to provide you with the final portage of your shipment.  Tracking is no longer available once your package arrives in your destination country.

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