How many print colors can I use?

RIPT Apparel has raised it's color limit for screen printing from 5 colors to 8 colors. We no longer require submissions to include a screen count, but be aware that if your design is over 8 colors or screens, it is not likely to be chosen. If your design is chosen to be printed at RIPT Apparel, we reserve the right to modify it in order to bring the color count down to a reasonable level. We typically include the artist during this process in order to get the perfect print. Please don't take this as an invitation to use as many colors as possible, because we still are looking for designs with a lower color count. Instead, use this as an opportunity to give designs a chance at RIPT that previously were unable to be printed due to our color limitations.

We are not really looking for CMYK prints, however on a white shirt we can consider a CMYK styled design because the background would be more similar to paper. Please try to stick to spot-color designs and implement halftones when additional hues are needed. When printing on dark colored tees, realize that one of the colors will most likely consist of a white underbase. This means an underbase will take up one of your available color screens, even if white is already chosen.

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