What are the details on your printed stone coasters?

RIPT Apparel's stone cork-backed coasters are truly a sight to behold! These high-quality stone coasters have a shine and luster that is not easily portrayed over the internet. These products are cut from individual pieces of stone that gives each coaster a unique profile. The print receives a nice sheen and luster that stands out amongst our other custom printed products. Prints on coasters may differ in composition from the final t-shirt design due to the size and shape of the product.
We currently sell the coasters in packs of 4 identical prints. A set of 4 stone coasters is the heaviest item that we ship, and so the shipping charge may be higher than that of other items. These are very sturdy items that will last for years of rigorous use, and are sure to start a variety of pleasant conversations in your home. Each coaster is backed with a cork-lining serving to minimize wear during use on any surface.
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