Tracking says delivered but I don't have my order.

We're very sorry to hear that your tracking number shows this order was delivered but you have not recieved your shipment. Unfortunately there is no way for us to track down a shipment once it is marked as delivered.  
Has this order been shipped to an apartment, or suite?  If so, can you see if the mailman left your parcel in an unusual location? Or left it in the hands of a neighbor? We've seen postal workers engage in all sorts of strange behavior while delivering shipments. (placed under floor mats, in between screen doors, hidden behind bushes)
If you still haven't received your shipment, we urge you to contact your local post office, and give them your tracking number.  Often times they are able to retrieve more information as to exactly where your postal worker left this shipment.  If you have exhausted all other possibilities, please contact us and we can help resolve the situation.  
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