Will my shirt look exactly like what appears on your website?

We screen-print the following garments: Mens tees, womens tees, zip-up hoodies, tank tops, and crew neck sweatshirts. 

Screen-printing our shirts is a delicate process with a lot of variables. What you see on the website is a digital approximation of what you will see on your printed shirts. We do our best to keep what’s on our site in sync with what you receive, but we cannot 100% guarantee colors of garment, colors of print, placement, or size of print to be exactly what you see online. That being said, there will be a reasonable range of variation between colors, size, and placement between what you see on the screen and what you see on your shirt. You won’t expect an ink print to be red and have it show up blue.

Youth sized garments are printed using a completely different process than screen-printing and they will not look exactly like their adult and youth counterparts. When comparing an adult garment to a kids garment, there will most likely be noticeable differences in placement, size, feel, and color.

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